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Whilst things are slowly returning to some semblance of “normal”, it’s clear that many hiring managers and recruiters will continue to work remotely for many months to come. So the next interview you have could well be on Zoom or something similar.

 We’ve spoken to a number of hiring managers and here are their top tips for preparing for a video interview:

Check out the technology:

When you receive the interview information, make sure you can log on to the interview platform – do you need to download anything for example? Check that your camera and microphone are working. This way, you’ll appear confident and calm when you log in, and not flustered by a last minute tech panic!

Choose your location:

It will be much easier to build a rapport if your interviewer can see you clearly, so ensure that the room is well lit. (Don’t sit in front of a bright window, for example, as you’ll end up being a silhouette!). And think about what’s on show –your discarded cereal bowl and a dirty mug won’t make the best impression.

 And finally – make sure you’re not going to be interrupted by children/animals during your interview (we’ve all seen the video!)

  Prepare for your interview:

Being thoroughly prepared for an interview helps with anxiety and demonstrates your commitment to the role.

 Re-read the job description and your cv in details and get ready to speak about your skills and experience which are relevant to the role.

 Many interviewers will ask competency-based questions which take you through situations that you may encounter in the position or that you experienced in previous jobs. To prepare for these, do read the employer’s website to check out the company’s values, and then think about how your answers can align with these. Note down the competencies required in the job description and prepare examples of  when you have put these competencies into practice. Be prepared to talk constructively through the example, answering why, how and what you learnt from this and who it affected.

Look engaged and professional:

Dress as if you are going to a face-to-face interview. Just because you’re at home, you’ll be in a professional situation and you need to look smart.

 It’s sometimes more difficult to engage with an interviewer via video, so try to make eye contact wherever possible.  Your natural instinct will be to look at the person on the screen, but remember – the camera is the interviewer’s point of view. So in order to maintain eye contact, look into the camera wherever possible.

 Check your posture and make sure you smile!

Stand out:

During the interview, be honest, answer questions truthfully and keep to the point.

 Your interviewer will be asking themselves “Why should I hire this person” so try to answer that question wherever possible. Show the positive impact you could make on the organisation by demonstrating ways to help the business grow/operate more effectively etc.

 By the time your interview ends your interviewer will have already created an impression (positively or negatively) of you in their minds. There’s nothing wrong with asking: “Do you have any reservations about hiring me?” as this is a good time to address any misconceptions they may have. It’s also good to ask questions to show that you have done your research and are genuinely interested in the company.

 Only you can convince the interviewer you are right for the job – Good Luck!