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Our Recruiter Wishlist


As recruiters, there’s nothing that gives us more joy and satisfaction than finding the perfect candidate for a role and matching a great person with a brilliant company.  

But the road to the perfect hire doesn’t always run smoothly.  We hope to make the process enjoyable and stress-free for clients, candidates (and ourselves!) 

Here are a few factors that really help us to make the hiring process efficient, effective and as positive as possible for everybody.

Think of us as an extension of your team 😊

We want to be the best advocates for our clients and create excitement in the market about job opportunities.  Often, when we approach a candidate about a role, or when they apply for a job, it’s their first introduction to the hiring company.  Therefore, as recruiters, the more we know about and understand our client’s business, the better.

A not-so-brief job brief

There are times that we are just sent a one-page job specification to work from.  Whilst this is a great starting point, to find the right candidate for each role it’s essential that we see a full job briefing. Alongside this, being able to speak in depth to talent teams and hiring managers gives us much more insight into each role than just a job specification.

Can we come and visit you? 

We always enjoy meeting our clients for a coffee, to get a feel of the office environment, meet some of the team and really soak up a bit of the company culture. Visiting clients really helps us to get a better of a feel of the company’s brand and identity, which we then relay back to candidates.

What’s the package?

Candidates want to know the full picture, not just salary. These days there are some fantastic benefits being offered by companies outside of the usual holiday, healthcare, and travel pass package.  

Examples can include: Can you bring your pet dog in? Do you take your team out for breakfast every month? Do you have a book club? Do you offer pension and mortgage advice? If you’re offering these perks that’s great, but we want to know about it!

All these extras really help and can excite and encourage candidates to want to join your company.

We love feedback!

We can’t stress enough the importance of feedback throughout the whole recruitment process.  We try to put together great candidate shortlists for each role and to ensure everyone we put forward matches the job brief.  However, sometimes a CV might not be quite right; therefore, it’s important for us to understand why some candidates are selected for interviews whilst others aren’t.  By providing this feedback, we can effectively communicate this with our candidates and ensure we are hitting the mark.

Interview feedback is essential! 

Unfortunately, we often have to chase for interview feedback.  We feel that if someone has given up their time to research a company, booked time off work, paid for travel, or sorted out childcare, they should have the right to have some form of feedback.  

Feedback is not only helpful and constructive to candidates, but it also helps provide a positive candidate experience which reflects and protects an employer’s brand.

Candidates always appreciate feedback, even if they haven’t been successful and it demonstrates courtesy and respect for their time and effort.

Maintaining Momentum 

A smooth hiring process is a wonderful thing!  We will do all we can to facilitate this and try to keep all parties updated throughout the hiring process.

At times, it’s unavoidable, but it’s never ideal to have big gaps between receiving CVs, giving feedback, booking interviews and moving to the next stage.  

There’s nothing worse than getting to the final stages only to find your great shortlist of candidates have already been snapped up and accepted roles elsewhere or that they have lost interest after waiting too long to hear back.

Communication is key 

We understand that sometimes recruitment might get put on hold or diaries can get booked up leaving little time for interviews.  If this is the case, do let us know, and we can communicate this to our candidates and help to manage expectations.

We hope these pointers help you to get the best out of your recruitment experience with us.