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Meet Suzanne: Our Senior Consultant


Suzanne has been with us here at Searchlight for four and a half years now, incredible how time flies! Many of you, I’m sure, will have worked with Suz or been placed by her, but we wanted to take the opportunity to spotlight our colleague.

Suzanne started in the recruitment industry, as a fresh-faced junior in a corporate recruitment agency, moving into media after a year. Thirteen years later, she’s still in recruitment and loving it!

The past year has been a challenge, especially for the media industry. We asked Suzanne from her perspective what changes she has seen over the last year, “It was a slow start to the year as things began to recover and businesses began to open again. There was a lack of jobs and an abundance of candidates. As the year moves forwards, things have changed drastically, the market began to get busier and busier, to the point now we are, which happens to be insanely busy! Looking forwards, I think this trend will continue, and we still may struggle in terms of sourcing new candidates as there are more roles than candidates as it stands.” 

Suzanne has been incredibly busy in the last few months placing numerous candidates with our clients, we wanted to know which roles are the most rewarding for her to work on. “That’s a tricky answer to give. However, I would have to say working on the junior roles and helping candidates get their first real full-time opportunity in the industry. Seeing them progress and realise their potential is so rewarding. I also get the pleasure of working with older candidates who have now become clients.” One piece of advice Suzanne gives to these candidates is to be as thorough on your CV as possible;  it’s better to have too much information than too little.

To end on a more personal note, you may be interested to know that Suzanne, outside of work, enjoys spending time with her young daughter Ivy, eating cheese, repeatedly telling everyone how great South East London is, dancing to Beyonce and collecting rare 50p’s. 

You can get in contact with Suzanne, by following this link.