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Without question, this Christmas will be a very different one for many different people. But, different is not necessarily a bad thing, and change is often fun. In this blog, we thought we’d have a look at some of the alternatives on offer this year. For example, NextUp has announced their virtual Christmas parties – events for companies to enjoy the benefits of the celebration without the difficulties of the times.

NextUp, with their foundation in comedy, is offering a virtual comedy club night, with a famous comedian to boot. It’s an impressive and admirable idea, and one many people will get behind. On top of this, they have announced a complete ban on, as they put – the C-word (Covid), something a lot of people will be happy about.

The great thing about this is it allows people the same level of interaction while remaining apart from each other. Engagement levels and participation are at the centre of this event, and it is inspiring for many other companies.

It may seem like a daunting task, but there are plenty of options for Christmas parties this year, and NextUp is one of many great ones.

Get Gaming

Party games are a regular go to for any Christmas party, but this year we may rely on them. There is no better place to look than the world of video games. With thousands of online games, from competitive to team-working, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

With platforms such as Steam and Game Pass being readily available from home, easy to set up and relatively cheap in comparison to a full-blown event, it seems like a no brainer. There are plenty of online versions of classic party games too, like Monopoly and even Cards Against Humanity, all to download from app stores or online.

Drive-In Cinemas

A Hollywood classic, and one that has been rising in popularity here in the UK over the last few years, they have been largely unaffected this year. Allowing total flexibility, and the comfort of your own car, it is a unique cinema experience that everyone should try. Once there, you have all the familiar trappings of a cinema trip, but with the novelty of not actually being in a cinema.

Worried some colleagues don’t drive? Most Drive-In Cinemas now offer a service where a car is provided and already in place, such as Drive-In London:

Break out the Awards

When in doubt, pull the awards out. A personal favourite of Michael Scott, a work award ceremony is always a fun evening. From silly to serious awards, everyone will leave happy. The best part is this can be done at home or at a venue, with the awards being digital or physical.

NextUp’s idea for a virtual comedy club night is a great idea, and there are plenty more great ideas out there to explore for this year.

 If your company is interested in NextUp’s comedy night, a link is provided below: