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We’re pleased to be featuring Audrey Cairo in this week’s blog. Audrey was a Senior Consultant at Searchlight for a number of years before training as a Career Coach. She now works with a broad range of people helping them identify out what they want from their careers –  and from life in general.  

She’s a real people person, and became a certified coach in 2016, offering support in both personal and professional development.  One of the main aspects of career coaching that Audrey focuses on is the exploration of what someone actually wants from their job. It’s important to find an equilibrium between careers and lives, and she collaborates with the client to tackle this conundrum by delving in to how people personally feel about employment and how this mindset could be improved.

By offering a confidential space, Audrey works with her clients to explore, dream and discover. From here, both parties collaborate to create an action plan that establishes their personal self-worth and motivation within a working environment. She utilizes the importance of a positive mind-set and how self-awareness is key to progression within personal and professional development. One thing that Audrey encourages in her sessions is the element of choice. Knowing everything is your choice can really help you control the direction you would like to take.

Audrey has also been keeping busy with her private clients. She free-lances as a Life Coach for Spark Inside, facilitating workshops in prisons for young males aged 15 to 25 who want to create a crime-free future. She’s also a huge advocate of changing the perception of mental health, working as a Sanctus Coach within a variety of companies & start ups, creating a safe space for people to talk about mental health within the workplace.

Her roots as a consultant haven’t completely left her either! Audrey can be frequently seen at schemes such as RTS Futures, offering advice to aspiring creatives as they attempt to plan their career routes and build their CVs.

You can find out more about Coaching with Audrey Cairo and how to contact her by going to her website.