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Searchlight Freelance works with 500+ individual clients at over 150 companies across the broadcast and creative industries, and we represent a select team of the best freelance talent in London, including outstanding motion graphic designers, visual effects animators, editors, creatives and production staff who work with our clients.

We only recruit via referral, recommendation, and our own searches.  Unfortunately we cannot  accept ‘on spec’ applications.  When we are seeking to add new talent to our rosters we will advertise specifically on Searchlight Recruitment website and

Showreel Tips

Ian Macfadyen, our senior consultant at Searchlight Freelance, has written guidance notes on how to create the ideal showreel, you can check it out here!

"It's all about the people and they're the best consultants to work with!"

"Great to work with an agent who’s worked in, and understands the industry."

"Searchlight is a friendly and efficient recruitment agency that has always delivered."

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