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Written by Jack Hopkins on 14th February 2018

Some people love it and others loathe it but Valentine’s Day is here. Whether it’s love for a person, a place or an idea - the idea of fighting for something is key to every narrative. We’re going to have a look at a collection of love stories that don’t make you feel nauseas or cringe at the sight of.

One film that springs to mind that looks at the early stages of love is Richard Ayoade’s Submarine, a coming-of-age love story that was produced by Warp Films and Film4 productions. It includes a fantastic soundtrack by Alex Turner and it strikes a certain emotive chord due to the fact it follows two love stories across two very different age groups.

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t go amiss without some form of Bonnie and Clyde edge to it and Tony Scott’s 1993 epic, True Romance, delivers just that. The narrative follows a newly wedded couple on a trecharious journey after accidently stumbling upon hundreds of thousands of dollars. The film’s got a stella cast too, with James Gandolfini, Brad Pitt, Gary Oldman, Christopher Walken and Dennis Hopper all contributing to an explosive narrative that has everything.

It’s a bit of a curve ball but one of the most prominent couples to have graced our television screens is Tom and Barbara Good from The Good Life. Their contemporary idea of living a self-sufficient life would put a strain on any relationship but they’ve remained current for 40 years, with UKTV still regulary broadcasting it during primetime slots.  

Whatever you’re up to tonight, have a cracking evening!

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