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Written by Daniel Kirby on 30th June 2016

Today we're happy to announce the launch of our new mobile app, which will allow you to complete your job hunting needs whilst on the move.

The app gives you access to our full list of jobs, which you can search through according to sector, salary and location.

You can also save your own specific parameters, and when a new role comes in which matches your requirements, you'll receive a push notification enabling you to be the first to see and apply for the role!

Unfortunately applying directly for roles is only possible on android at this time due to iOS restrictions, however those on iPhones have the option to email jobs to themselves in order to complete the application on desktop.

We know that life can be busy, and it's not always possible to dedicate time to job hunting, but we hope that this app will give you that extra level of convenience to make finding your dream media job that little bit easier!

To download the app just click on your app store link below!


Written by Victoria Boeth on 24th June 2016

After falling in love with the trailer and having had to wait in anticipation for months, today is finally the day - The Secret Life of Pets is officially airing in UK cinemas and many people will be filling the theatres!

Produced by Illumination Entertainment (the outift behind the successful Despicable Me films), the film is suitable for all ages and an excellent option for a humorous evening out with your family and friends!

Set in New York, the spoiled terrier Max lives the "American dream" of pets, until his owner brings home a big dog called Duke, and the two of them have to set aside their quarrels when they are accidentally abducted. Rescued by a bunny named Snowball they discover their situation has just become much more tricky, since it appears Snowball is building an army of abandoned pets - with the aim to take revenge on the humans that have wronged them...

If you aren't in the loop yet, get in with just one click:

Written by Daniel Kirby on 20th June 2016

The highly anticipated sequel to Finding Nemo was released in the US on Friday and took over £93.3m, which makes it the most successful animated film launch in US box office history. 

The film has also had the second most successful opening weekend of the year so far, with only Captain America: Civil War seeing greater success.

After a thirteen year wait, Ellen DeGeneres returned to provide the voicing for the titular character, along with director Andrew Stanton, and despite the long gap it appears interest in the story has remained high.

Finding Dory is set to be released in UK cinemas on July 29th.

Written by Daniel Kirby on 16th June 2016

As competitive computer game playing continues to grow in popularity, the UK is about to get its first 24-hour eSports channel.  

Ginx eSports TV is set to launch on Sky channel 470 on 23rd June, and will showcase the biggest eSports tournaments from around the world. Outside of the UK and Ireland, the channel will be distributed to 23 million households, meaning it will reach 37 million homes in total, making it the largest eSports channel in the world.

An indication of the rapid growth of the sport can be seen with a major upcoming event - the Counter-Strike Finals event is due to take place in Wembley Arena later this month. Elsewhere star players in the industry are today able to win salaries and prizes of up to £8.5 million.

Emma Lloyd, director of business development and strategic partnerships at Sky said of the arrangement:

“We look forward to working with Ginx and ITV on developing a channel which will capture the growing appetite for eSports.”

As the website HannaSeo suggests, despite its current status as more of 'an accessory to the traditional sports', eSports appears to be 'sitting on the edge of becoming recognized as true sport', and we're excited to see how this impacts the UK media in the near future.

Written by Daniel Kirby on 8th June 2016

itv referendum debate

Last night's ITV referendum debate between David Cameron and Nigel Farage acheived an average of 4 million viewers, meaning it is currently the most viewed current affairs show of 2016.

Taking place in front of a live studio audience at 9pm, the debate involved Cameron and Farage receiving questions from the audience on a variety of Brexit-related issues.

The show reached a peak of 4.6 million viewers, and achieved a 20% share of all TV viewers between 9pm and 10pm, demonstrating the growing popularity of the referendum issue.

Media coverage of the referendum is set to continue with two BBC Question Time specials and a live debate at Wembley on June 21st.