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Written by James Cheetham on 23rd September 2015

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Written by James Cheetham on 17th September 2015


Another day, another report on how productions across the UK continue to boom, which is never a bad thing.

Tax incentives brought in over the past few years have increased productions across the UK, with blockbuster franchises such as The Avengers and Star Wars filming on English soil, Ireland setting the scene for Game of Throne’s Westoros and Wales playing long term host to globally popular programmes such as Doctor Who  & Da Vinci’s Demons.

With England, Wales and Ireland reaping in the economic benefits, more attention has turned to Scotland.

A new £1.75million Production Growth Fund was announced at the start of September by Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop with a view to get more international filming crews over to Scotland.

Ms Hyslop said, "the Scottish Government and its agencies are firmly committed to supporting screen-sector growth and promoting Scotland as a premier and competitive location to produce great films and TV shows.

She went onto say, "the Production Growth Fund I am announcing will help to attract new inward investment, further support home-grown productions and will boost Scotland's economy as well as our international reputation."

Of course this'll mean increased work for production staff based in Scotland and generate further economic benefits. The Production Growth Fund will run over two years and is one of many new measures in Scotland to bolster the creative industries, running alongside the £2million Tax Credit Advance Facility and the £1million Screen Skills Fund, both announced earlier this year.

Fiona Hyslop also went onto announce that last year saw a record spend of £45.2million on Scottish location shooting with recent productions including the Oscar baiting adaptation of Macbeth starring Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotilliard, blockbuster Starz TV programme Outlander and the Robert Carlisle starring The Legend of Barney Thomson.