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Written by James Cheetham on 3rd November 2014

With the Halloween weekend at a close, one of our favourite bits of pumpkin related news came via HRGrapevine who reported that a candidate used carved pumpkins in a creative plea for a job interview on Friday. 

So to help brush away the cobwebs of the weekend and give any job hunters out there some Monday inspiration, here’s some of our favourite creative job applications:  

  1. Billboard

Disappointed with the job opportunities offered in his home town, a Marketing Graduate decided to go that extra mile and hire out a billboard in a last ditched attempt to look for a new job. While more costly than printing out reams of CVS, it eventually worked, as he got himself numerous job interviews and a job offer at Paddy Power.  

  1. Google Adwords


The digital marketing world is becoming an increasingly competitive industry to crack so this particular method was brilliant.

Alex Brownstein picked out the ad agencies he wanted to work for most, then went onto Google Adwords and bought each Director’s name, hoping at some point they would Google themselves. Which of course they did, resulting in a personal message appearing as the first result on the page which said “Hi <NAME>, Googling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too” with a link to his personal website.

He managed to get himself a job offer at one the targeted agencies Young & Rubicam based in New York.

  1. Pixar Vintage Resume


What do you do when you want to get yourself a job at one of the most sort after and innovative companies in your chosen industry? Be as creative as possible!

This candidate created a gorgeous and vintage looking job application in a bid to get a job at Pixar animation studios. He included a note pad filled with illustrations and notes on his experience and presented it beautifully in something that looked more like a movie prop rather than a standard CV.

  1. Lego Application

Looking to catch the eye of potential employers, this intern went and created her very own mini me in Lego form and then went onto mail the Lego packs, complete with instruction guides listing her experience, to various companies she wanted to work for.

  1. QR Code

Victor is another candidate who became an internet sensation when he included an image of his face with a QR Code over his mouth on the back of his CV.

When the QR Code was scanned by a mobile phone, the phone was then taken to a youtube video with a zoomed in video of his mouth speaking to the employer.

To see it in action click here.