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Time to Throw Your CV in the Bin?

Written by James Cheetham on 9th May 2014


Rather than spending those last few endless minutes scanning over our CVs for grammatical or spelling errors, should we instead be throwing the entire thing in the bin and flicking on the webcam?

As technology continues to take over every aspect of our lives, we’ve noticed in recent years that the dreaded term “Video CV” has cropped up more and more. The technical term is Me-V, and it’s usually been something that has presided more with Digital Agencies. It’s also been considered more of a route for junior candidates, trying to break their way into their desired industries. But despite these presumptions, the Me-V is something that appears to be becoming more of a staple in the job application warzone, regardless of job title or seniority level.

From a recruiters point of view, a video CV will offer more insight into the candidates personality. It's all well and good going off the written word but getting a sense of them as a person will always help with the process and see if they’re a better fit for the role and the team.

Richard Linden, founder and CEO agrees that these Video CVs are a much more successful way of getting to know candidate past the traditional CV. He said, "Many companies don't like to be contacted face-to-face until the interview. Video introductions allow job seekers an opportunity to build a relationship with the recruiter and on the recruiter's terms."

As a candidate, while the idea of creating a Me-V may be daunting, the positives of it are that it does allow you to make this initial first impression past your work history on a piece of paper. You may not have all the right requirements but if you tick some of the boxes for the role and come across as confident and a team fit, you’re more likely to get an interview than if you’d just emailed over a standard CV.

You may find that it actually allows you to be more relaxed in this first video impression than you normally would be in an interview, something that Rich Brady, Social Marketing Expert agrees with, “A video CV could give applicants the relaxed atmosphere they need to get themselves across.”

So while it may not be the hiring standard to request a ME-V or send one yourself, if there is that dream job out there and you want to make the best first impression…maybe throwing that standard CV in the bin is the way to move forward.

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